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Corporate Video done for a Rendering Plant located in Recreo (Santa Fe).

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Buzz Aldrin

Graphic User Interface for the iPhone.

Buzz Aldrin’s Official Application.

Project done for TheAppCompany, USA.

La Reina

Art Direction, Graphic Design and Flyers made for a Disco Advertising Campaign.

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Corporate Identity & Brand Development made for a sportive cars Muffler company.

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3d Animation done for a brazilian company dedicated to the DVD’s rental business.

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Identity and Art Direction done for a Festival located in Rafaela (Santa Fe).

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Art Direction, Motion Graphics and Website done for the opening of a Pub in Oslo (Norway).

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3d Animation done for a product presentation of Nativa, first ‘intelligent’ pillow design made by Limansky S.A, leader company in Mattresses.

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Matilde Mill

Billboard design promoting the “Flour National Festival” carried out in Matilde (Santa Fe).