About Us

Hola! Hello! Hallo!

We are a creative digital agency and we love to design and build digital solutions for real people.

We adapt to all kinds of projects, from small developments about to start, to specific stages of large productions already running. Our approach is simple, practical and effective.

If you want to see what we do, check out our services.

Joel Colombo

Co-founder / Executive Director

Detailed-obsessed, he's always going for the extra mile in every project and making sure everything looks as it should.

Pablo Verano

Co-founder / Country Manager in Norway

Working in the web biz since 2001. Behind that thick beard of his, you'll find the face of the company.

Fernando Ferrari

Director of Operations

Performance, processes, strategy and team coordination guy. Also a psychologist. Sometimes our psychologist.

Nicolás Mizerniuk

Lead Developer

Reserved on words but extremely eloquent with his code, Nico can easily face every challenge that sets in front of him.

Gibrán Sarraf

Designer / Front-end Developer

The guy with the long beard, tattoos and chill attitude. Rock solid with his front-end chops and music playlists.

Gabriel Andretta

React UI Developer

Lisper, always searching, making and talking about technology and stuff. Grand master of the griddle.

David Lischinsky

Back-end Developer

Geek from tip to toe, with a viking beard that makes his code shiver in fear.

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